Is Consulting a Lucrative Career Choice? - A Professional's Perspective

Consulting is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires dedication, hard work, and the ability to work long hours. It's not a typical 9-5 job, and you may find yourself “always working” due to the amount of time spent on the road. If you're looking for stability and structure, consulting may not be the right choice for you. However, if you're willing to create your own work structures and take responsibility for your impact, consulting can be an incredibly lucrative career. One of the major advantages of consulting is the opportunity to build a large and valuable network.

You'll be working with different customers and stakeholders throughout your projects, allowing you to establish relationships with high-level people in various organizations. These connections can lead to job offers, other consulting gigs, or even mentoring. Consultants are expected to tackle some of the most difficult business problems facing executives. Clients pay top dollar for consultants, so they expect highly engaged personalities who are interested in discussing, analyzing, and solving business problems. If you're considering applying to major consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain, it's important to make sure that this type of work is something that you would enjoy. In this YouTube video, Mika Kim, a former Big 4 consultant, explains why consulting was worth it for her personally.

There is fierce competition among graduates of major business schools for positions in top-tier consulting firms such as Bain & Co, Accenture, Ernst & Young, BCG, KPMG, PWC, and others. Consulting can be an incredibly rewarding career choice if you have the right skillset and attitude. It offers the opportunity to build a large network of contacts, tackle difficult business problems, and make a significant impact on organizations. However, it's important to remember that it's not a 9-5 job and requires dedication and hard work. If you're willing to put in the effort, consulting can be an incredibly lucrative career choice.