How to Create a Winning Consulting Proposal and Value Proposition

A consulting proposition is a document that outlines the nature, scope, and timeline of a specific consulting project. It is a bidirectional document that requires both parties to agree on the content it includes. A unique value proposition communicates your competitive advantage and why a customer should do business with you. It's critical to articulate the value of what you do and why you do it better.

If you're looking to get new customers, there are nine steps that will help you sell the value of your services and create a winning consulting proposal. This document should highlight the problem your prospect is experiencing and present you, the consultant, as the solution. Your value proposition should be a short statement that explains who you work with and the value you bring to them. It is NOT a guarantee or a contract. When you're ready to share your consulting proposal with your client, you can invite them to view your report in Bit as a Guest.

Next, list your consulting fees and what they include, as well as how and when you prefer to be paid. Even if your customer said “yes” during the call, the deal won't be closed until they sign the consulting proposal. Unfortunately, many consultancies don't have an excellent value proposition. This could be because they are too busy providing their service to have time to think about it or because they haven't spent time identifying their ideal customer. The ideal is to find someone who can help you with a lot of experience in drafting and testing compelling value propositions for consulting companies. The Build Up Advisory group targets non-profit organizations and has grown into a successful nonprofit consulting firm.

Jim advises consultants who want to use their value propositions strategically in their marketing and sales processes. This publication will provide you with everything you need to develop a first-class value proposition for your consultancy. A solid value proposition differentiates your consultancy from the competition and gives you an unfair advantage to easily attract and convert customers.