Understanding the Different Consulting Process Models

When it comes to consulting, it is important to choose a model that is right for you and your business. There are three main models: the traditional model, the productized model, and the hybrid model. The traditional model involves providing services tailored to each customer's individual needs. The productized model focuses on solving a central problem for a specific type of customer.

This involves developing systems and processes to solve the problem in an efficient manner. The hybrid model combines elements from both of these models to create a unique solution for the consultant. Clarity counseling is a program that helps consultants create their own hybrid models to achieve their income and lifestyle goals with a stable, consistent, and secure plan. This program has helped more than 370 consultants create business models that help them earn the income they seek and live their ideal lifestyle.

Process consulting (PC) is a series of interconnected steps and processes that allow customers to feel “prepared and involved” in order to increase the likelihood of success within a continuous change approach. The process consultant must be knowledgeable in all areas related to the client's situation in order to offer alternative interventions that “fit” the dynamics of the situation. Organizational leaders must develop the ability to clearly see the implications of a consultant's primary model of help when purchasing consulting advice. Procedural consulting will allow organizations to be better able to develop on their own in the future, be more aware of their own operating model, be more networked, and be more oriented to a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Dan Schmitz is a consultant at ON THE MARK, a global organizational design consulting firm and a leader in collaborative business transformation with offices in the U. S. UU. and the United Kingdom.

The process consultant can offer alternatives, but the final decision lies with the customer based on their full participation throughout the process.